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About the Artist

Founded by Sarah Longenecker in 2017- Nashville TN,  Today, at the Clay Lady co-op, she brings together designing, making and selling to offer beautiful, high-quality Ceramic products of all types that blur the line between everyday trinkets and detailed decor. She strives to design products that embody innovation and artistry that heighten the way people eat, live and connect.

Sylvan Clayworks Artist Statement

When creating my pottery, I want my business name to reflect the depth of nature and soft tones that are reflected in my work. I came up with the word 'Sylvan' because of my affinity for the outdoors and my grandmother. She passed away when I was very young, but her legacy lives on through me. She inspired my work through her dedication and pure love of the arts. The first piece I made with the sgraffito technique was a collaboration with a line drawing she left behind. My whole body of work changed and was urged all the more to keep this unique blend of wistful tones, watercolor techniques and line work going.

When choosing my imagery, it really depends upon my mood, the season, and what has recently inspired my creativity. I've always been drawn to the soft strokes of Monet and the precise line work of Andy Warhol.  Blending the two together is very satisfying to me and the contrast is pleasing to the eye. A whimsical and calming feeling is my goal for my customers. Every sip from my mug in the morning is made to feel like home.