Mixing Palette

Mixing Palette


This Mixing Palette is a one of a kind handmade collaboration between Shealeen Louise and Sarah Longenecker of Sylvan Clayworks. The floral designs are created by Shealeen and the production of the ceramic pieces and application of the designs are by Sarah.

Every piece is slab built from ceramic stoneware with a white porcelain slip to bring out the vibrancy of the underglaze paintings. To finish the work, a gloss clear glaze is applied over the designs and a gloss white glaze in applied inside the palette and the cups for a crisp clean look. Ceramic palettes are perfect for painters because it does not stain after clean up! Remember that every piece is handmade and one of a kind. They will not be all exactly alike, but I get pretty close!

Approximate Dimensions:

cups: Diameter - 3.5” , Height - 4” , liquid volume - 18oz , Notches hold brushes up to sizes 5-6, depending upon the brand

9 well palette: diameter - 8”, well length - 1.5”, height - 3/4”

mixing palette: diameter - 5.5”, height - 3/4”

Every order is made to order! Please allow 3-4 weeks for your items to ship! it could be shorter than that if I have them in stock, but I cannot guarantee that. if you have any questions, please refer to my Quality and Care page and Shipping and Returns page first. If you still have questions, contact me HERE

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