1. How heavy are they? They range in size, therefore they will range in weight. The moon palettes are between 5 oz and 1 lb. Medium palettes are 1.5 lb and large palettes are 3.5 lbs

  2. When will you have another restock? Expect to see a restock of items every 6-8 weeks! Hopefully sooner than that

  3. Are they just for Watercolor? or can you use other paints? Glaze is essentially glass, so any type of paint will wipe away stain free! They are ideal for all paints.

  4. Are they a permanent item for your website? I would say they are semi-permanent.. basically until I can’t stand making them anymore. So get one while its there!

  5. Can you travel with them? Yes! If you are using watercolors, I recommend letting your paint dry and re hydrate it when you would like to use it again! to keep your palette safe, a laptop box or something similar works very well (especially because they come with a cushion in the box already) and if you do have some wet paint, plastic wrap does the trick

Hair Clips:

  1. Do you plan on making some with alligator clips? Yes, i’m currently shopping around for the right hardware!

  2. What type of glue do you use? E600

  3. Are they heavy for your hair? Not at all, they are much lighter than you would imagine. They range from 1-2 oz. but most are 1!