Moon Palette No. 2

Moon Palette No. 2


This 7 Well Moon Artist Palette is a simple, classic look with a touch of handmade imperfection. Each piece is unique because they are handbuilt and glazed individually. The glaze “waves”, as I like to call them, are different for every product. They are formed by the layers to glaze overlapping creating thicker ares of glaze “waves”. Some may have drips, some do not. Here at Sylvan Clayworks, we embrace the imperfections the make handmade beautiful.

Materials: All of the Artist Palettes are made with a cone 6 Stoneware. it will retain its temperature longer than glassware and may be placed in your microwave, oven, or dishwasher. They are finished with a gloss white glaze and the bottoms are sanded and branded (we want your tabletops to stay scratch free!). You can use any type of paint and it washes away stain free.

Dimensions: Approximately 6” diameter

Weight: 5 oz

In stock: Items that are in stock will ship within a week of purchasing unless bought with a made-to-order item or otherwise noted.

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